How to vacuum preserve canned fruits after opening the lid

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Vacuum preservation is a method of preserving canned fruits in batches. Therefore, it is usually necessary to consume them in a short period of time after opening the lid. Many people are wondering if there is any way to vacuum preserve canned fruits again after opening the lid.
The difficulty in solving the problem of "fruit cans that can be opened and closed while still being vacuum preserved" lies in the fact that the vacuum state of the cans is broken and restored, especially when the liquid volume in the bottles decreases due to reduced food. It can be solved through the self heating device on the bottle and the design of adding a one-way valve to the bottle cap. Anyway, the vacuum in the can is not required in the laboratory. After closing the bottle cap twice, as long as a large part of the air in the bottle is heated and allowed to escape, it is cooled to room temperature, which is a "quasi" vacuum state.