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How to make the canned fruit cover again vacuum-proof

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  Vacuum preservation is a preservation method for canned fruit wholesale products, so it is usually eaten within a short period of time after the lid is opened. Many people are wondering if there is any way to allow the canned fruit to be opened and then vacuum-stored again.
  The solution to the problem of “closed and opened, canned fruit can be stored in vacuum” is to solve the problem. The difficulty lies in the recovery of the vacuum after the jar is broken, especially if the volume of liquid in the bottle is reduced after the food is reduced. Paradoxically, this can be solved by the self-heating device on the bottle and the addition of a one-way valve to the bottle cap. Anyway, canned food is not required to vacuum in the laboratory. After the lid is closed twice, as long as the air in the bottle is heated to run out of a large part and cooled to room temperature, it is a “quasi” vacuum state.
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