Linyi Dashan Food Co.,Ltd.

Linyi Dashan Food Co.,Ltd.is a comprehensive food processing enterprise integrating planting and production. It is a key leading enterprise im   agricultural industrialization in China.Located in the country's famous Vegetable Town-Linyi, Shandong Province,the company covers an area of 32,000 square meters,with a floor area of 24,000 square meters, 280 employees,and total assets of more than 90 million yuan. It has established a 3,000-mu pollution-free vegetable base,and a 5,000-mu fruit cultivation base, as well as 3 advanced canned fruit and vegetable production lines and 5 pickled vegetable production lines,which can produce more than 7,000 tons of canned fruit and vegetables and more than 3,600 tons of pickled vegetables. The company has passed SC, CIQ, IFS,KOSHER and many other domestic and international registration certifications.


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Analysis and Comparison of Various Canned Packaging Materials

Glass can: a container made of glass, with the advantages of being transparent and easy for consumers to observe and choose; Stable chemical properties, strong acid and sulfur resistance, and does not react with food to cause discoloration, flavor change, or spoilage. It is particularly suitable for packaging fruits,


Processing of canned sugar syrup for apples and pears

The selection of raw materials is to use fresh and juicy fruits with a maturity of over 80%, dense flesh tissue, few stone cells, and normal flavor. Remove fruits that have pests, diseases, mechanical damage, and moldy decay.


Canned food can be consumed with confidence, containing preservatives is a misconception

In recent years, people have become increasingly concerned about food safety. Canned food, which was once widely loved by consumers, has gradually faded out of consumers' sight due to various misunderstandings of being "not fresh", "not nutritious", and "with preservatives".


The Development Status of Canned Fruits in China

At present, the processing of canned fruits and vegetables in China has reached a certain technological level and a large production scale, and the layout of the export-oriented canned fruit and vegetable processing industry has basically formed;