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Canned hot fruit knowledge

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  Canned fruit products are cold. When they are eaten, they are blanched in order to achieve better results. However, improper blanching can cause canned tastes to change. Canned hot food knowledge.
  In the process of blanching canned fruit, it is necessary to strictly control the process. When it is carried out, it is mainly to put the fruit in boiling water or steam to heat it for a short period of time. This is mainly to destroy The activity of mold, but also can play a role in stabilizing the color and improving the flavor, only after this step, it will be easier when it is canned.
  Canned fruit wholesalers said that in the process of blanching, maintaining the stability of the solids when the cans are opened can kill some microorganisms that adhere to the raw materials and perform a certain washing effect on the raw materials. This is an indispensable step in the canning of cans. Affects the taste of canned food.