Common knowledge of blanching canned fruits

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The wholesale products of canned fruits are cold, and when consumed, people will heat them to achieve better eating results. However, improper heat treatment can lead to changes in the taste of canned products. Therefore, it is necessary to master some knowledge of canned heat when consuming.
In the process of blanching canned fruits, it is necessary to strictly control the process. During this process, the fruit is mainly heated for a short time in boiling water or steam. This is mainly to destroy the activity of mold, and can also stabilize the color and improve the flavor. Only after this step, can it be easily canned in daily life.
Wholesalers of canned fruits state that during the blanching process, maintaining the stability of the solids when opening the can can can kill some microorganisms attached to the raw material and have a certain washing effect on the raw material. This is an indispensable step in canned blanching, as it will affect the taste of the can.