Processing methods for canned raw materials

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Raw material processing is an important process in the production of canned goods by manufacturers, which has a significant impact on the subsequent production of canned goods. We need to master the correct processing methods to ensure that the canned goods produced are better and more edible.
The sorting and washing of fruit raw materials is the first step in raw material processing. The purpose of sorting is to eliminate unqualified raw materials and classify them according to their size and quality. This is also beneficial for subsequent processing, improving labor productivity, improving product quality, and reducing raw material consumption. Washing is to remove dust, sediment, and some microorganisms attached to the surface of fruits, and also to ensure that we can eat healthy canned food.
In addition, canned fruits from manufacturers also need to be peeled, but it is necessary to ensure their original nutritional value. The processing method of fruit raw materials is related to the quality of canned food, and correct processing of their raw materials can ensure the health of canned food.