What are the characteristics of canned fruits

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Canned fruits produced by canning manufacturers are a type of fresh food that undergoes processes such as raw material selection, peeling, canning, exhaust, sealing, heating, sterilization, and cooling to achieve commercial sterility and extend the shelf life of the food.
So canned fruits can also increase their shelf life without adding preservatives. Canned foods generally undergo initial treatment of raw materials and cooking treatment, making them more convenient to consume. Canned foods are vented and sealed to isolate the food inside from the outside world, avoiding the impact of external conditions on the food, preventing the action of microorganisms in the air, and facilitating long-term storage of the food. After sealing, sterilization is carried out to kill or degrade microorganisms that originally existed in the food and no longer reproduce, thus ensuring that the canned food is stored for a longer period of time.
Canned fruit manufacturers have stated that canned fruit is a form of precision processing that has gained widespread popularity due to its convenient features. For more information on the production and consumption of canned fruit, please feel free to call for consultation.