Canned food can be consumed with confidence, containing preservatives is a misconception

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In recent years, people have become increasingly concerned about food safety. Canned food, which was once widely loved by consumers, has gradually faded out of consumers' sight due to various misunderstandings of being "not fresh", "not nutritious", and "with preservatives". Recently, the reporter learned from relevant departments that in order to change consumers' unscientific views on canned food, the China Canning Industry Association has announced the launch of the "domestic development strategy" for canned food, reopening the domestic canned food consumption market.
It is reported that in the past decade or two, due to abundant food supply and improved living standards of the public, canned food has gradually faded out of people's sight and entered the consumption misconception. The claims of freshness, lack of nutrition, and the presence of preservatives, coupled with the proliferation of counterfeit products, have led to a sharp drop in the value of canned goods. Therefore, the association proposed a "domestic development strategy" to eliminate misunderstandings, "speak with products", and bring back consumers with the safety, hygiene, convenience, and speed of canned food.
It is understood that the long-term preservation of canned food mainly relies on vacuum, sealing, and sterilization. During the processing of various canned foods, it is not allowed or necessary to add any preservatives, and it relies on sealing and sterilization to achieve sterility. Therefore, canned food does not require any preservatives to be added and can achieve long-term preservation. Some "underground workshops" do not understand the basic process of canned food processing, and adding sulfur dioxide to canned food is really unnecessary.
At the same time, consumers should be reminded to pay attention to identifying and selecting well-known manufacturers and brand products when purchasing canned products, while also paying attention to the appearance of canned products. It is normal to check whether the can is rusted, whether the label is contaminated, and then check whether the bottom cover of the can is flat, slightly concave, and not swollen.