Processing of canned sugar syrup for apples and pears

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(1) The selection of raw materials is to use fresh and juicy fruits with a maturity of over 80%, dense flesh tissue, few stone cells, and normal flavor. Remove fruits that have pests, diseases, mechanical damage, and moldy decay.
(2) Graded apples are divided into three levels based on their transverse diameter: 60-67 millimeters, 67-75 millimeters, and above 75 millimeters. Chili and Xuehua pears have a cross-sectional diameter of 65-90 millimeters, Yali and Changba pears have a diameter of over 60 millimeters, Qiubai pears have a diameter of over 55 millimeters, and some varieties may have a diameter of less than 50 millimeters. Wash with clean water.
(3) Peeling is done manually or mechanically, and immediately after peeling, it is immersed in salt water.
(4) Cut the pieces in half using a stainless steel fruit knife. Large fruits can be cut into four pieces with a smooth cutting surface.
(5) Remove the heart, stem, and calyx of the fruit using a knife, and remove any remaining skin.
(6) Soak the cut fruit blocks in salt water and immediately immerse them in 1% -2% salt water for color protection.
(7) Boil the fruit cubes in water at 80-100 ℃ for 10 minutes, remove any debris, and drain the water.
(8) Fill the jar with sugar water and put the fruit blocks into a sterilized glass jar while hot. 300g of fruit blocks and 200g of sugar water. The preparation method for sugar water is as follows: 75 kilograms of water, 25 kilograms of sugar, and 150 grams of citric acid. After heating and melting, filter with gauze. When canning, the temperature of the sugar water should be above 80 ℃.
(9) Seal the can while it is hot, seal it, and disinfect the lid and rubber ring in advance.
After sterilization and cooling the sealed tank, immediately put it into a boiling water bath for sterilization for 15-20 minutes, and then cool it in stages.