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Canned olives

A comprehensive food processing enterprise that integrates planting and production, and an agricultural industrialization enterprise.


Canned Vegetables

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Canned olives

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Has passed multiple domestic and international registration certifications such as SC, CIQ, IFS, KOSHER, etc. The products are mainly sold to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, Japan, the United States, the Middle East, etc., and have established long-term supply cooperation relationships with more than 50 large supermarkets in China.
Main products:
1. Pickled vegetables: Pickled garlic rice, pickled chili.
2. Canned vegetables: canned garlic rice, canned garlic head, canned garlic slices, canned garlic stems, canned bean sprouts, canned chili peppers, canned mixed vegetables, etc;
3. Canned fruits: canned yellow peach, canned hawthorn, canned snow pear, canned orange, canned assorted fruits, etc. All types of products are subject to OEM production at the same time.


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